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Every person needs to read the book RETIREMENT HEIST HOW COMPANIES PLUNDER AND PROFIT FROM THE NEST EGGS OF AMERICAN WORKERS by: Ellen E. Schultz. It is very informative.

Century Aluminum robbing Healthcare from Dedicated Retirees

On November 1st, 1990, Ravenswood Aluminum (currently Century Aluminum) made the decision to LOCK OUT 1700 steelworkers in a blatant attempt to bust the union. The lockout and ramifications from it had a devastating effect on the workers, their families and the entire community of Jackson County and surrounding counties as well. He once peaceful and family oriented community found itself in the middle of a very long and ugly battle that divided families, churches and neighborhoods; and was often violent and destructive to all that were involved. This was just a signal of the ruthlessness this company would exercise in years to come. The company's only regret was that the union lasted "One Day Longer" and won the battle and the dedicated steelworkers reclaimed their jobs. Once again, Century Aluminum's corporate greed has raised its ugly head!! They have made the unilateral decision to terminate the contractually promised healthcare coverage of the retirees that have dedicated decades of service to the company, creating huge profits over the years. Now that these retirees are of no value to Century Aluminum, they have been cast aside like garbage, many of them facing their golden years with absolutely no health care in their most vulnerable years. Each and every retiree decided to take retirement largely based on Century Aluminum's agreement to provide healthcare until their death. Killing off seniors by robbing access to basic healthcare should be criminal and MUST be stopped!!

We are the approximately 500 families, who after working for many years at the Ravenswood Works under various aluminum company names, who met the contractual requirements to retire with lifetime Insurance and Prescription benefits, each based on the contract benefits that were in effect at the time of retirement. The executives at Century Aluminum Company unilaterally made the decision to modify these contractual obligation by terminating these benefits to increase their profit margins and apparently to reward themselves with larger bonuses. This resulted in not only wiping out of Insurance and Prescription benefits but also a large portion, if not all, of the retiree pensions due to having to spend their pension money on insurance or try to survive without coverage.

This is an example of Corporate Greed at its very worst!

They should be hanging their heads in shame!

The following was sent out by Sherry Breeden at WV AFL-CIO in response to Karen's posting of the "Occupy Century" email.

"Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." -Margaret Mead

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Century Retiree meeting Thursday, January 12th

Meeting Times: 10:30 am

Place: 5668 UNION HALL

Our Memorial Page Updated December 12, 2016

A listing of the 67 fellow workers who have passed away since our Insurance was stolen!!


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For more information regarding the Century Aluminum Retirees battle to regain the Insurance benefits that each earned by years of work in hazardous conditions with the understanding that they would retain the benefits as outlined in the contract in effect at the time they retired, or to learn how you may help in the effort to right this wrong,
USW Local 5668        USW Local 9423

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